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Bible Studies


Far from being stuck in some past age, we at St. Peter’s strive to understand our common Faith, to come to terms with our Faith and to express that Faith in our lives. Sunday morning study opportunities for adults, weekly Parish Bible Studies, specifically focused Lenten Studies and even specially directed individualized private study are available. St. Peter’s likes to think of itself as a thinking persons’ church. Questions and doubts are both allowed and welcomed! However, we are not to wallow in our doubts. Doubts and questions are challenges not just for the institutional church and the minister but also, and most importantly, for the one who rightly raises the issue. At St. Peter’s, as well as affirming our need to doubt and to question, we believe that we must be personally challenged by those very doubts. The individual is urged to seek answers for themselves, to do the legwork, to accept reading and even ‘homework’ so that they can come to see the complexity of the issues involved. Perhaps to come to the point of  appreciating differences of approach and even to see how and why the Christian Church has addressed the issue in the manner it has.