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The Rev. Cannon Dr Ross N Hebb

BA (King’s), MA (Dalhousie),

PhD, (Lampeter, University of Wales)


Office:  Parish Hall, 2385 Woodstock Rd.,

            lower level, (please use side door)


Phone:  454-8752  (Office)

            450-9687 (Residence)




Welcome to the web-site of St. Peter's Anglican Church in Fredericton, New Brunswick. We live in an ever changing world and experience life as a constant rush and drive. Our country, our world and our lives are constantly changing and always, it seems, propelling us into an unknown future. In the midst of all this change and hectic activity St. Peter's offers a break from the race, a haven for the soul. While escaping entirely from the demands of everyday life is not possible, a break is, and a place to enter, rest and pray certainly is welcome and needed. Once through the doors of St. Peter's you are not subjected to another barrage of noise and stimulus. It is a place of calm and of ordered worship. Rather than the latest fad in worship coupled with the minister's favorite "sermon" topics, worship at St. Peter's is ordered and regular week to week. Service format and style are predictable, ordered and stable.  We firmly believe this is a good thing. It offers us all the opportunity to focus on our God, rather than on finding our place, it gives us time to think, time to reflect and time to give thanks. Rather than being entertained by what's "going on" it places the onus on us to worship and to adore. You are most welcome to join us at St. Peter's for a time of worship - a haven from a very busy world and a house of worship of our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



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