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At St. Peter’s we are focused on the worship of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We make no bones about the fact that we are what is known as a traditional Anglican Parish. We are mighty proud of this! We worship according to the services of the 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer. In the early years of the 21st century we hold that what is old is new again. We seek to worship our God in Faith with our hearts and our understanding. We firmly maintain that the Prayer Book is the best way for us as Anglicans to do this. In so doing we stick to our unique Anglican spiritual tradition. We worship as did Shakespeare and Elizabeth I but also as did such 20th century greats as T. S. Elliot and C. S. Lewis. But there is more. By worshiping with the Prayer Book we maintain a living link with Christians through the ages. The Prayer Book prayers are almost all translations of ancient Latin prayers which have been prayed by the faithful for more than a thousand years. The Bible readings for each Sunday’s Holy Communion service have been in use for fifteen centuries. We are part of, and seek to remain part of, something much bigger, greater and enduring than our own immediate time and culture.

This does not however mean that we are stuck in the past – far from it. We seek to worship with heart and soul and understanding. Once we learn a few old words and get past the ‘Thee’s’ and the ‘Thou’s’ everyone begins to experience the rich depth and profound meaning of traditional worship at St. Peter’s.